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The edition will be available starting January 13, 2024.

Artist: Reso
Title: Wait for Me

Photo Print Behind Glossy Acrylic 
GlassFuji Crystal Archive Glossy Paper Behind 4 mm Glossy Acrylic 

Format: 50 x 50 cm (19.69 x 19.69 inches)

Signed and numbered on the back
Edition of 150

HangingSystem: Aluminum Rail

Product Information

This work marks the release of a new limited edition within Reso's typography series, a realm to which he once again directs his creative focus. For Reso, typography serves as a reflection of emotions. His emphasis has shifted away from the mere legibility of individual characters and scripts, now centering on the viewer's emotional connection to the artwork.

Reso's encoding of these characters is uniquely personal, resulting in an interplay of letter forms and colors that defies easy separation of individual layers upon casual observation. In this process, the letters relinquish their classical identifying features.

Consciously breaking away from traditional reading habits, Reso presents viewers with an entirely novel interpretation of written language. He no longer arranges letters in the conventional left-to-right and sequential manner; instead, he allows them to merge into intricate constructs of shapes.

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The edition has been produced in Germany to the highest quality standards.